Marc De Blieck

Yuki Okumura

11 Locations and 11 Intersections in Cologne from the 5th to the 7th of July 2021, 2021
a set of 22 color photographs in polyvinyl chloride pockets
dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist and Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Installation view


July, August, September 1969, 2021
Newspapers from 1969
Courtesy the artist

Jean-Marie Perdrix

Insaisissable-2, 1987
6 x 61 x 17,5 cm
Courtesy the artist


Onion Orion, 2021

Oksana Pasaiko

Correction d’une lumière, 2019-2020
Iron, painted lamp
100 x 40 x 21 cm
Courtesy the artist

Installation view

Installation view

Marc de Blieck

Phyllida Barlow

Touchpiece series, 1983
Documented on photo prints
Approx 30 x 50 cm
Courtesy the artist

Installation view

Patricia L. Boyd

Ceiling Analysis, 2021
Graphite and pastel on paper and tracing paper with surgical tape and polypropylene tape
200 x 400 cm
Courtesy the artist

Michael E. Smith

Untitled, 2021
Metal pipe
99 x 3,4 x 3,4 cm
Courtesy the artist and KOW, Berlin

Sarah Ortmeyer

Ostrich eggshell, steel
Courtesy the artist and DVIR Gallery